Region of origin

Soluky deposit of mineral water is located near the Lviv city, in Javorivskiy district on the edge of the National Nature Reserve “Roztochya.” This is the region, where the rivers originate in its pure form. This region is exceptional in physical and geographic sense. There is main European watershed within the territories of Ukraine and Poland. Unique topography, fauna and flora of the region is protected as a natural heritage and also as a part of the Polish-Ukrainian International Biosphere Reserve “Roztochya”. Soluky mineral waters are created by the pure nature. When you drinking them – you fill yourself by the pure nature.

Our history

         The healing properties of the water from Roztochya‘s land have been recognised since the days of the Austro-Hungarian Empire. In the 1950s, with the participation of Soviet geologists, extensive exploration work  was conducted in this region. In the early 1960s Soluksky‘s wells of mineral water were discovered and in 1973 a factory was constructed and the mass production of the water brand “Soluky” commenced. The unique properties of the water were well known throught the entire USSR. Unfortunately, at the end of last century, the release of the mineral water ceased. However, production received a “second wind” as a result of the adaptations introduced by the company. The increased production capacity and use of innovative technology  gave us the opportunity to both continue production of the mineral water “Soluky” and maintain strict quality control. Today, the consumer once again has the opportunity to drink real water- TM “Soluky”.


        “Valetudo” a manufacturer of the mineral water brand “Soluky”. “Valetudo“ is situated at the base of the Soluky deposit of mineral water. Despite the fact that the company has been operating only relatively recently, the brand “Soluky” has been held in high regard since last century and has been consistenly recognised as a top quality product. New technologies now provide quality control processes and help to preserve the natural structure of water. Currently we are working on a build-up scale of trading, diversification of assets and access to new markets.


         Ltd. “Valetudo” invites businesses and other organizations to join the partnership concerning the realization of the mineral water brand “Soluky.” Our product line opens up the possibility for cooperation with distributors, agents and wholesale retailers, contractors, representatives of the segment HoReCa, health centers and other medical institutions. We are looking for reliable partners and are interested in long-term and mutually beneficial cooperation.