The range of products consists of 12 positions that differ composition of water, gas content and packaging. Waters “Soluky” and Soluky Plus “have different taste, because extracted from different wells.

Water “Soluky” extracted from a depth of 90 meters. In composition, it belongs to the group of medical mineral water. The taste of “Soluky” is slightly salty, with a high content of minerals. Unique compounds of salts and minerals can cure chronic diseases of the liver, biliary tract, cholecystitis, hepatitis, gastritis, stomach ulcers, and normalize the function of the digestive system, treat chronic pancreatitis and chronic diseases of the kidneys and urinary tract. They use “Soluky” as a table drink with the preventive purpose, in case unsystematic use or as a remedy.

Water “Soluky Plus” refers to the group table mineral waters. It is extracted from the well depth of 38.5 “Soluky plus” is ideal for daily use. Naturally high in calcium, magnesium and other minerals makes the water “Soluky Plus” especially valuable for children. Calcium provides a healthy condition of the bones and normalize carbonate carbon and protein metabolism.

To preserve the natural structure of water in the production process we uses only natural filters (coal and sand). Mineral water TM “Soluky” NOT mineralized artificially and NOT pass chemical filtration. Аssortment